Mackenzie Zales

Appearence Edit

Mackenzie has black hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. In the first few episodes of Season One, Mackenzie was seen with a blue dress and a high ponytail. The body was even different, she had almost no neck and no body joints. Her body was replaced with another doll's, she had a neck and bendable joints. She was seen, for a long time, in a pink cheerleader outfit that said "Park". She even admitted that she liked pink and just glued "PARK" on the uniform. Later in the series, Mackenzie's hair was in a lower ponytail and she had the new uniform on (bought by the current head cheerleader, Shay Van Buren). The uniforms are red and white, better than the pink uniform that the cheerleaders formerly used.

Personality Edit

Mackenzie is shown to be mean and bitchy. She'll do anything to make sure that she stays on top. Mackenzie is also very good at ruining people's lives (as shown in S3 episode 58). Even though Mackenzie isn't as bad as Brittany, they both seem to curse oftenly and are always bitching people out .

Relationships Edit

Trisha Cappaletti: It's unknown when she and Mackenzie met, but they have been friends for a while. Mackenzie is often yelling at Trisha, but Trisha still remains friends with her. Trisha seems loyal to Mackenzie, and even agreed that she was pretty

Brittany Matthews: She and Mackenzie have been best friends since the 3rd grade. After being betrayed and used by Mackenzie, Brittany has sworn revenge on her. Brittany has been preparing for her revenge for months; she destroyed Mackenzie's locker and tagged it with the word "cunt".

Shay Van Buren: She and Mackenzie were also friends in the 3rd grade. But, Mackenzie betrayed her. In episode 60, it is shown that Mackenzie hit Shay. When they go to high school, the Van Burens and the cheer squad became enemies. In Season 3, Mackenzie makes Shay head cheerleader to defeat the hipsters. In episode 59, Shay referred to Mackenzie as her friend, but they still annoy eachother.

Jenna Derabond: She and Jenna used to be good friends. When Jenna admitted that she liked Justin Michelson (who was then dating Ashley Katchedourian), Mackenzie told her that it was slutty. When Ashley left for Pearl Harbor, Jenna saw Mackenzie and Justin making out. Jenna came up with a plan to get Ashey out of Justin's life and to overthrow Mackenzie with hipsterism. Jenna even burned down Atchison's mall so that the Overland cheer squad would have an enemy.

Jenna Dapananian: She and Mackenzie have also been good friends, but she's always been left out. Jenna has then decided to join the hipsters. In Season 4, Jenna said that she just hated Mackenzie and didn't want to deal with her shit.

Ashley Katchedourian: Ashley respected Mackenzie as head cheerleader, but Mackenzie made our with her boyfriend. Ashley betrayed the team after Trisha blamed her for Deandra's arms getting ripped off and Brittany made out with Justin at prom. In Season 3, Ashley learned that Mackenzie betrayed her, but she said that she just wanted to be left alone and that she didn't give a fuck about Mackenzie.

Justin Michelson: She and Justin had an affair, but they stopped soon after (even though Mackenzie still had feelings for him). Afterwards, she got over him and Justin dated Jenna Derabond for a while.

Steven Carmichael: She and Steven dated for a while. In Season 2, it is revealed that they broke up. Steven treated Mackenzie very good, and Mackenzie did get jealous when Deandra talked to him. Mackenzie cheated on Steven with Justin.

Rachel Tice: She and Rachel have also been friends in the 3rd grade. After she ate a rolly-pollie, it is assumed that Brittany told Mackenzie and Shay and Rachel became unpopular. In high school, Mackenzie hated Rachel and thought she was a complete loser. In episode 59, Rachel was pissed at Mackenzie for all the things she had done. Rachel has also said that the "locker incident" with the cheer squad was very familiar and that Mackenzie has brought evil back to to their school.

Tanya Berkowitz: She and Tanya were sworn enemies. Tanya and her cheer squad started hanging out at Oakpark Mall after her mall burned down. Tanya didn't curse, but she annoyed and teased Mackenzie after finding out about her FPB. In episode 30, Tanya screamed at the Overland cheerleaders and called them many curse words. Despite her hair, Mackenzie bitched Tanya out and Tanya was the loser.